Sexual problems are common

We may imagine that everyone else is having great sex on a regular basis, but the reality is that many people experience sexual problems. We just don’t talk about them much.

Sex is affected by various factors, including our physical health, our mental wellbeing and our relationships. When we experience problems in one of these areas, it is completely normal for our sexual desire and ability to go out of balance.

Problems with sex often bring up feelings of anxiety or shame, which may result in the problem being ignored rather than addressed.

Common sexual issues

There is no such thing as ‘normal’ in sex. Some people like lots of adventurous sex, others want infrequent, familiar sex or no sex at all. Our therapists do not judge people on their sexual preferences.

Sexual issues that are commonly brought to therapy include:

  • loss of libido or difficulty becoming aroused
  • painful sex
  • porn issues and compulsive sexual behaviours
  • chemsex
  • erectile dysfunction
  • rapid ejaculation
  • compulsive use of escorts, apps or other sexual services.

We offer psychotherapy and psychosexual therapy

Some sexual issues can be effectively addressed using psychotherapy; others benefit from specialist psychosexual therapy.

Psychosexual therapy combines talking in the sessions with exercises that are done at home. These exercises help you to enjoy sex more and overcome problems such as painful sex or erectile dysfunction.

Both psychotherapy and psychosexual therapy are available for individuals and for couples. It can be daunting to think about discussing your sex life. Our therapists are experienced in discussing sexual issues and will help you to overcome any initial discomfort you may feel.

Sex is a private issue. You can feel confident that your sessions with us will be confidential and that your therapist won’t judge you or force you to talk about anything you’re not ready to.

Get in touch with one of our therapists

Your initial consultation will be with one of our fully-qualified therapists. They will be able to advise you if you are unsure whether to have individual psychotherapy or psychosexual therapy, or whether to come as an individual or in a couple.

They will recommend one of our carefully selected trainee therapists for your continuing low-cost sessions.

Early on in therapy, most of our clients get over any reservations they may have discussing sexual issues. When sexual issues are out in the open, we can start to explore how to resolve the problem.

For more information or to book a first appointment, please contact us.

Most people find discussing sex with a therapist to be easier than they first imagine.

Couples counselling

Sexual problems in a couple are sometimes a reflection of other issues in the relationship. We offer affordable couples counselling at our central London practices.

More about our couples counselling
Your questions answered

We have answered some questions people often have about beginning therapy. If you have other questions not already on our list, let us know.

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