Conficdetiality is paramount in counselling.

Sexuality is not a problem

Sexuality is the force within us that compels us to be physically and emotionally attracted to other people. Whether we are more attracted to males or females, or have no preference, it is natural and there is nothing wrong with it.

However, being gay or bisexual can be hard in a society where most people are heterosexual and homosexuality has historically been seen as deviant. Sadly, homophobic beliefs and abuse are still common.

Gay and bi people may fear rejection because of their sexuality, and in some cases this fear is well-founded. Family, friends and colleagues may choose to abandon the relationship rather than accept someone they are close to as gay or bi.

Coming out (or not)

Coming out as gay or bisexual can be hugely empowering for some people. But it may be preceded by great confusion and fear. And if relationships don’t survive, it can of course be a very painful time.

For some, it isn’t clear where they sit on the spectrum of sexuality. It can be hard to know what to come out as, or whether to come out at all. They may question whether they are gay or bi, or whether they need to label their sexuality at all.

Sexuality is personal and there is no need to come out if you don’t want to. But sometimes people avoid coming out because they feel ashamed of their sexuality. They may have intimate relationships with people to whom they are not attracted. To deny their true self in this way can be very distressing.

Reduced-fee counselling is available in central London.

Affordable counselling for sexuality issues in London

London has long had a vibrant gay scene. The first official UK Gay Pride Rally was held in London on 1st July 1972 with around 2,000 people.

Based in Oxford Circus, we are experienced in counselling gay and bi clients. We are knowledgeable about issues including rejection by family or friends, low self-esteem, sexual problems, chemsex, HIV and sexual health, and open relationships.

Making your first appointment

Our individual counselling service has helped many gay and bi people work through the challenges they experience. Gay or bi couples facing difficulties within their relationships have been helped by our couples counselling service.

To make a first appointment, please get in touch.

All discussions in therapy are confidential and your therapist will never judge your life experiences or personal choices.

Approachable, experienced therapists

Our trainee therapists are on approved UK counselling and psychotherapy courses. We carefully choose our therapists for their empathy, expertise and maturity.

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Psychosexual therapy

If you are experiencing problems with sex, let us know when you book your initial consultation. The therapist you see will help you decide whether to go ahead with psychotherapy or psychosexual therapy.

More about psychosexual therapy

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