Conficdetiality is paramount in counselling.

A confidential space to talk and move forward

Individual therapy gives you the space, privacy and time to discuss anything that is on your mind with one of our trainee therapists.

The relationship between you and your therapist is private and non-judgemental. All discussions in counselling are confidential and our trainee therapists are able to support clients with most problems.

Our clients come to Face2Face London to address issues including anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship problems, concerns around sex and sexuality, work stress, family problems and many other issues.

What you can expect from personal therapy

An initial consultation with us usually can be arranged within one week. This first appointment will take place with a qualified therapist who will help you discuss your needs in counselling and explain how we might be able to help you. At this first meeting, we will help you decide which of our trainee therapists might be a good fit for you.

Your relationship with your trainee therapist is a unique one. Your therapist will help you to feel understood, help you to open up and explore whatever might be troubling you, enabling you to move forward in new ways.

Low cost help with issues dealing with fear and phobias is possible to find in London.

How can individual counselling help me?

Personal therapy is useful for a range of personal issues such as:

There is no limit to what can be discussed in therapy

Our therapists are open to discussing anything that is bothering you. Instead of judging you for your thoughts, feelings or behaviours they will understand your circumstances without judgement.

Often, the topics that people talk about in counselling are the things that they feel unable to talk about elsewhere, for example:

Your therapist will never pressure you to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about.

Our counsellors

Our counsellors attend approved UK counselling training organisations and universities. We carefully select only those who demonstrate maturity, professionalism and empathy.

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