Conficdetiality is paramount in counselling.

Life is full of change

All through life we experience changes. Changes may be out of our control or of our own making.

For some of life’s changes we can find resilience and cope with them. For other changes, we find that we cannot cope. Change can be unsettling and cause stress and apprehension.

If several changes happen all at once, it can really throw us off balance. Sometimes people get so involved with the change itself, the realisation and emotions don’t catch up with them until later.

We often underestimate the impact of change

Many of us underestimate the impact of change, and are surprised when we find it hard to adapt. The difficult life transitions we often help people with include:

  • going to university
  • starting work or changing careers
  • moving countries
  • retirement
  • the death of a loved one
  • children becoming independent
  • hitting major milestones such as significant birthdays.

Positive and negative life changes can affect us

Both positive and negative changes can cause distress. Similarly, it isn’t only those transitions that are forced upon us that can destabilise us.

These transitions are still stressful, however much we want them. For example, a career promotion, having a new baby or owning your first home can create pressure and feel frightening.

Often people feel embarrassed that they aren’t coping with change well. They may experience a loss of confidence and tell themselves they are weak or incompetent. This isn’t true: change is hard and it’s natural to take time to adjust.

Our affordable counselling can help you cope with life transitions

Whatever transition you are going through, if you are finding the change hard we are here to help. You may feel overwhelmed by a whole mix of emotions, or you may be struggling to make decisions about which path to follow.

Our affordable trainee therapists are on approved UK counselling and psychotherapy courses. They are carefully selected for their compassion, maturity and expertise.

If you would like to speak to someone, please get in touch.

Finding the right affordable therapist in London is an important first step. Get the support that works for you.

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