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Fear is natural and normal

Fear is a natural human response to threats and is designed to protect us from danger.

The emotion of fear lets us know about threats to our well-being and safety. It alerts us to danger and triggers a primal response within us. We may confront the threat in order to eradicate it, run away from the threat, or be petrified and unable to move. This is called the `fight, flight, freeze’ response.

We all experience fear during our lives.

Being afraid is not the same for everyone

We all perceive threats differently, and something that causes fear for one person may not frighten another person.

Not all events or situations that trigger fear are actually harmful, although they can be perceived as dangerous. Some people may fear making a presentation or chairing a meeting at work. Some may fear rodents or spiders. We may fear something new or a change in circumstances, or fear large crowds and busy spaces.

People may have an awareness that their fear is irrational, however the fear persists and takes over. Fear can be mild, moderate or severe.

Low cost help with issues dealing with fear and phobias is possible to find in London.

When fear becomes a phobia

A phobia is a debilitating and overwhelming fear of an object, situation, place, animal or feeling. Phobias are more intense than fears. They can be acute and cause complications in daily life.

A person with a phobia may have an awareness that there is no threat or danger to them, however the fear is overwhelming and very real. It may paralyse them and stop them from doing everyday things or going into certain situations. This may be exacerbated by feelings of embarrassment or shame around their phobia.

In the UK, it is estimated that 10 million people have phobias, varying in severity. Some people may feel that they are living in a constant state of fear and danger.

How our reduced-fee therapy can help

If you are experiencing these feelings, counselling for fears and phobias can help. Our therapists can help you gain insight into your fears and phobias and assist you to work through them.

People with fears and phobias instinctively avoid the things that bring up these feelings. Our reduced-fee therapy can help you to gradually strengthen your ability to be around the things that trigger your fear, at a pace that feels manageable to you.

Please get in touch if you would like to speak to someone.

Counselling can be life-changing to those who live with uncomfortable levels of fear or dread.

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Individual counselling

Individual counselling is supportive and non-judgemental. At your first meeting we will discuss what is bringing you to therapy, what you hope to achieve and your best options going forward.

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