It can be really difficult to start a family

For most people, starting a family is fairly straightforward. Some, though, find that it doesn’t happen as easily for them. They or their partner may have problems with their fertility. They may be in a same sex couple. Or they may not have a partner.

Thankfully, there are ways to help, such as IVF. However, these treatments take a lot of commitment – of time, energy and, sometimes, money – and there’s no guarantee of success. It’s far from easy to go through fertility treatment.

People experiencing fertility issues often comment that everyone around them seems to be having babies and everywhere they go, they see pregnant women. They can struggle with feeling isolated and understandably envious.

Infertility and its treatment can be overwhelming

Going through fertility treatment usually involves a roller-coaster of emotions. There may be great disappointment and fear after first finding out that starting a family isn’t going to be straightforward. Some people will worry that their partner is going to leave them because of it.

Once fertility treatment starts, there is typically a cycle of hope and disappointment. For many, it can feel intolerable to not know what the outcome is going to be and to have little control over it.

Fertility treatment can put great strain on a couple and lead to arguments. For someone going through it without a partner, it can be a lot to bear alone.

Fertility problems affect both men and women

Both men and women are affected by fertility issues and can experience the psychological consequences of infertility.

Fertility problems can undermine a person’s identity. Men may feel less masculine and women may feel less feminine. Many feel shame, guilt or embarrassment and are reluctant to talk to others about what they are going through.

Women can become hyper-focused on their bodies, watching out for any sign of whether the treatment has been successful. Both men and women with fertility issues can feel responsible for the outcome of any fertility treatment.

Our affordable counselling service can help

Our therapists can support you, whatever problems you are having with fertility. You may be struggling to accept the initial shock of fertility problems. You may be going through treatment. Or you may want help to come to terms with unsuccessful treatment.

If fertility issues are putting stress on your relationship, our couples counsellors can help. Or if you prefer to have therapy on your own, we can support you with individual counselling.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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reduced-fee infertility support services in central London. 

Psychosexual therapy

Our trainee psychosexual therapists offer support to individuals and couples who are having problems with sex. Psychosexual therapy successfully addresses many common sexual problems.

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Our trainee therapists are on approved UK counselling and psychotherapy courses and are carefully selected for their maturity, expertise and compassion.

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