Relationships can be challenging

Being in a couple can bring immense joy and comfort, but it can also be really hard. There are so many opportunities for feelings to get hurt or disagreements to blow up.

The issues that couples commonly bring to therapy include:

  • poor communication
  • frequent or explosive arguments
  • infidelity
  • sexual problems
  • disagreements over parenting or domestic arrangements
  • uncertainty about whether to stay together
  • conflicts within blended families or with extended family
  • lack of affection

Who is couples counselling for?

Couples counselling can help any two people who are in, or have been in, an intimate relationship. The relationship may be new or well-established. The couple may be living together or apart, married or unmarried.

Their relationship may even be over. Some couples come to therapy to support them through the process of separating. We can help you to part ways without causing unnecessary damage to each other or any children you might have. Some couples come to relationship therapy long after separating, as they  recognise that improving their relationship will improve their co-parenting.

We work with all couples without judgement: married and unmarried, gay and straight, monogamous and poly.

Affordable couples therapy in London

With busy lives, it can be hard for couples to find the time to talk about issues in their relationships. Some people find discussing their relationship so scary that they avoid the topic at all costs. For other couples, these discussions tend to escalate into explosive arguments.

Couples counselling provides space and time for you and your partner to discuss anything that is troubling you in the relationship, in a safe way. Your therapist will help to keep the discussions calm. They won’t take sides and your sessions will be confidential.

Improving communication is often a key part of couples therapy. Your therapist will ensure that you both have time to speak and will help you to understand each other. You may learn communication techniques that you can also use outside of the therapy sessions.

Your first appointment with us

Initial consultations are usually available within a week. These first appointments take place with a fully qualified couples therapist, who will help the two of you set out what you see as the problems in your relationship and what you think needs to change.

You may be unsure about whether you should have relationship therapy or psychosexual therapy, or you may be undecided whether to attend on your own or as a couple. If so, we suggest that you book an initial consultation as a couple, and then the therapist can help you decide on the best way forward.

Whichever approach you choose, the therapist will give careful thought to which of our trainee therapists would be a good fit for you.

Affordable counselling is possible at Face2Face London.

When to come for couples counselling

Couples often wait until their relationship has reached a breaking point before seeking help through counselling. This isn’t surprising, since many people feel ashamed of having relationship problems.

Please be reassured that your sessions are private and confidential.  Asking for help with your relationship may be hard, but that makes it a sign of strength.

As a general rule, the longer relationship problems are left, the harder they are to resolve. Resentment builds up within the relationship and, sadly, often a reluctant partner waits too long before agreeing to counselling. So we encourage you to take the first step and book an appointment today.

If you and your partner are having problems and would like to explore whether relationship therapy would help, book your first appointment today.

Our couples counsellors

Our couples counsellors are carefully selected trainees on approved UK counselling and psychotherapy courses. Some are also training in psychosexual therapy, and can help with sexual problems.

More about our therapists
Individual counselling

Individual counselling can also address relationship problems. Some clients aren’t currently in a couple but want to address their relationship patterns; others are in a couple but prefer to have therapy on their own, without their partner.

More about therapy for individuals

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